Date published 15 August 2019
Last modified 26 October 2022
Last reviewed 26 October 2022

The CCC has four main functions:

  • crime
  • corruption
  • confiscation of the proceeds of crime
  • witness protection. 

We are the only organisation in Australia with this breadth of functions.

Our crime focus is on major crime such as drug trafficking, fraud and money laundering. Our role is to protect Queenslanders from major crime by using our specialist expertise and powers in cooperation with the Queensland Police Service, law enforcement partners and other relevant agencies.

We have authority to deal with corruption in state government departments, public sector agencies and statutory bodies, the Queensland Police Service (QPS), local governments, government-owned corporations, universities, prisons, courts, tribunals and elected officials. The CCC investigates only the most serious allegations of corrupt conduct. We also advise agencies on how to manage current and emerging corruption risks through our corruption prevention program.

The CCC administers Queensland’s proceeds of crime regime. Property can be restrained or forfeited to the state if it belongs to or is controlled by someone who is suspected of having engaged in serious criminal activity, or who is unable to explain how they lawfully acquired their wealth.

We have responsibility for the state’s witness protection program.

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