Date published 09 August 2019
Last modified 06 December 2023
Last reviewed 06 December 2023

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) supports the Commission by providing advice, leading discussions and making recommendations on strategic and operational matters critical to the CCC’s performance.

The ELT is responsible for:

  1. Strategic oversight: Understanding the CCC’s operating environment, identifying strategic issues and steering the organisation towards achievement of strategic goals and objectives.
  2. Corporate leadership: Guiding strategic and operational activities, setting the tone for how things are done and driving good governance through oversight of the CCC’s governance framework.
  3. Portfolio assessment: Setting priorities in alignment with strategic goals and objectives, approval of investigations and projects (including resource allocation).
  4. Portfolio review: Analysing business activity and optimising the focus of CCC investment by regular oversight of approved investigations and projects.
CCC Chairperson Bruce Barbour
Mr Bruce Barbour 

Bruce Barbour holds a Bachelor of Laws from Sydney University and was admitted as a Legal Practitioner to the Supreme Court of NSW in 1995.

Mr Barbour commenced as CCC Chairperson on 2 July 2022 for a three-year term.

Prior to the appointment as Chairperson, Mr Barbour was a part-time Ordinary Commissioner of the CCC from May 2021 to January 2022, and was appointed the Acting Chairperson from 28 January 2022 to 1 July 2022. 

Mr Barbour has extensive experience in administrative law, investigations and management. He was the NSW Ombudsman for 15 years from 2000 to 2015. Mr Barbour has also been a Senior Member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Member of the NSW Casino Control Authority and acted as Commonwealth Merit Protection Commissioner and Queensland Integrity Commissioner.  

Mr Barbour’s board experience includes being Chair of the NSW Public Interest Disclosures Steering Committee, Convenor of the NSW Child Death Advisory Committee and Vice-President of the International Ombudsman Institute.

Ms Jen O'Farrell
Ms Jen O'Farrell

Ms Jen O’Farrell has a Bachelor of Laws (1st class honours, QUT), a Bachelor of Commerce (UQ) and a Bachelor of Business (QUT). She was admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2008.

Prior to commencing at the CCC in July 2015, Ms O’Farrell assisted the Commission of Inquiry into the regulation of the Queensland Greyhound Racing Industry as the Commission’s Executive Director. This role allowed her to combine her experience in law, risk management, corporate governance, workforce management and organisational strategy. She gained this experience through more than 15 years in both the public and private sectors, including as the General Manager, Strategy and Renewal and Director Legal Services at the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and as a solicitor with Corrs Chambers Westgarth lawyers.

Ms O’Farrell’s professional achievements include the success of the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Innovation Strategy: Putting ideas into action. This strategy was developed and led by Ms O’Farrell in 2014 and won that year’s Australian Human Resources Institute Fons Trompenaars Award for Innovation & Creativity.

Ms Sharon Loder
Ms Sharon Loder

Ms Sharon Loder has a Bachelor of Laws (QUT), a Bachelor of Business (HRM) and a Master of Laws (UQ). She was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1992 and since 2000 as a Barrister of the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia.

Ms Loder is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She has many years experience in senior and executive positions in law enforcement and integrity commissions. These include her terms as Executive Director, Investigation Division at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, as Executive Legal Officer and as Director, Misconduct Investigations at the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, and as Manager of the Legal Unit, State Crime Operations Command, Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Cecelia Christensen photo
Ms Christensen

Ms Cecelia Christensen has a Bachelor of Laws and Arts and Masters in Law (UQ). She was admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1997.  

Ms Christensen commenced her legal career in Crown Law in the general litigation teams, and joined the Office of the Solicitor-General in 1997. Here, Ms Christensen acted as instructing solicitor for the State in Court of Appeal and High Court proceedings, and also dealt with complex advisory matters.   

Prior to commencing at the CCC in July 2022, Ms Christensen worked with Queensland Treasury with her most recent roles as Treasury’s Acting Head of Corporate and General Counsel. Ms Christensen joined Treasury Legal Services in 2002 and was appointed Treasury’s General Counsel in 2017. As General Counsel, Ms Christensen was responsible for the legal services, right to information, privacy and complaints management functions for Treasury. Ms Christensen has extensive experience in a broad range of matters relevant to the public sector, along with corporate governance and delivery expertise in major commercial, corporate, policy and legislative projects.

Detective Acting Chief Superintendent Stephen Loth
Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Loth

Detective Chief Superintendent Loth holds a Master of Leadership and Management (Policing), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

He has over thirty years’ experience in the Queensland Police Service and held several senior leadership roles in investigative units including Taskforce Argos covert internet operations. He has also held previous senior roles in the Crime and Corruption Commission during two previous secondments. These include terms as a Director, Corruption Operations and as Executive Director Crime Operations. Stephen is currently undertaking further post graduate studies in Cyber Security and Executive Leadership.

Dr Rebecca Denning
Dr Rebecca Denning

Dr Rebecca Denning holds a Bachelor of Criminology & Criminal Justice (1st Class Honours) and PhD from Griffith University, and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Rebecca has extensive government policy, research and management experience, obtained through her work in State and Commonwealth agencies, predominantly related to the criminal justice sector. She has led numerous legislative reviews and has significant experience with statistical reporting and data analytics, stakeholder engagement, and innovation in service delivery within a law enforcement and integrity context. Rebecca has held a variety of senior and leadership roles in academia, including currently as Adjunct Associate Professor at The University of Queensland and previously as the Associate Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security.

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