Date published 09 August 2019
Last modified 26 October 2022
Last reviewed 26 October 2022

The CCC deals with corruption that affects the Queensland public sector.

We have authority to deal with corruption in:

  • departments and statutory bodies
  • the Queensland Police Service
  • councils (local governments)
  • universities
  • courts, tribunals and boards, and
  • prisons.

We can investigate the conduct of:

  • public sector employees, including police officers and council employees
  • any person whose conduct is believed to corrupt or affect the performance of a public agency, and
  • state and local government politicians, but only when their conduct would, if proved, amount to a criminal offence.

We do not have authority to investigate:

  • private sector matters, unless they arise out of dealings with the public sector
  • departments or organisations in other states or territories
  • federal parliamentarians, departments or agencies.
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