Date published 09 August 2019
Last modified 10 June 2021

Supporting our law enforcement partners

The CCC contributes to law enforcement and anti-corruption outcomes through a focused use of special powers and dedicated resources in intelligence and investigation.

Our investigation teams are multidisciplinary, bringing together lawyers, police, investigators, intelligence analysts, forensic computer experts, forensic accountants, and surveillance and technical specialists.

Our role is to provide specialist services to assist agencies, at their request, in cases where the primary response has not been, or is not likely to be, effective using normal police powers.

In combating major crime and corruption, the CCC works closely with state, national and international law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies. Partnerships arrangements can include:

  • sharing intelligence products and operational resources
  • using its coercive powers in support of other agencies' investigations
  • participating in joint investigations.

The CCC can use coercive powers to progress investigations

The CCC’s authority to use coercive hearings enables us to assist law enforcement to gain new information and evidence. Hearings may be held to support partner agencies’ investigations that have not progressed using normal police methods. We have successfully assisted investigations into drug trafficking, criminal groups including criminal motorcycle gangs, armed robberies or weapons-related activity, and in serious crimes such as murder, arson or rape.

The CCC can recover the proceeds of crime

Organised crime is profit-driven, so attacking its profitability and preventing its expansion by confiscating the proceeds of crime is a key disruption strategy. Financial investigations may also generate valuable intelligence, leading to further investigations.

Further information 

Queensland police officers can obtain further information about initiating proceeds of crime action or accessing the CCC's coercive hearings powers through the QPS intranet or by calling  our Financial Investigations area or our Hearings area. 

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