Creating an ethical culture, setting standards of behaviour and being alert to potential corruption are now essential management responsibilities. The CCC makes corruption prevention material available to all public sector staff and supervisors to help them identify the red flags that may indicate a corruption threat to your agency.

Corruption audit
Corruption Prevention Resources
Audits planned for 2021-2023 will focus on misuse of public resources, recruitment, and complaint management practices.
Prevention in focus: case studies thumbnail
Corruption Prevention Resources
This series draws on CCC investigations to highlight specific prevention lessons for public sector agencies
Corruption Prevention Advisories
Corruption Prevention Resources
Read our Corruption Prevention Advisory series to help identify major corruption risks
Corruption allegations data dashboard
The CCC Corruption Allegations Data Dashboard is a data visualisation tool that allows users to interrogate CCC corruption allegations data.
Perceptions of corruption and integrity in Queensland State Government departments
Responses from employees of Queensland government departments and their perceptions of corruption and integrity.
CCC Guide to assessing allegations about misuse of confidential information
Public Sector Guidance and Resources
This flowchart highlights decision points and recommended courses of action.
Misuse of confidential information
Corruption Prevention Resources
The Crime and Corruption Commission has published this short animation to raise awareness of the seriousness of misuse of confidential information.
Local government webinar
Corruption Prevention Resources
On 20 May 2020, three of Queensland’s integrity agencies partnered to equip newly-elected and existing Local Government councillors and mayors with information to assist them in understanding the integrity agencies’ roles and functions.
Corruption Prevention Forum – 26 May 2021
Corruption Prevention Resources
On 26 May 2021, the CCC hosted a Corruption Prevention Forum. Watch the video presentations.
Corruption audits
Corruption Prevention Resources
In 2019 - 21, the CCC will conduct audits to examine how public sector agencies have responded to particular types of complaints about corruption and how robust their complaints management and prevention frameworks are
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