Date published 09 August 2019
Last modified 30 June 2022

IP applications
If you are applying to access or amend your personal information under the Information Privacy Act, there is no application fee.

RTI applications
RTI applications incur a mandatory fee of $53.90 (effective from 1 July 2022). It is not refundable if no documents are found.

Additional processing charges may apply if the cost to the CCC of providing the documents is significant.

If the time taken to process an RTI application exceeds five hours, processing and access charges may be applicable at the following rates:

  • $8.35 per fifteen minutes (effective from 1 July 2022)
  • 25 cents per black and white A4 photocopied page.

The CCC will advise you by issuing a “charges estimate notice” outlining anticipated charges before costs are incurred. The processing of an RTI application by the CCC is not a taxable supply and the CCC is not required to issue tax invoices.

Our fees and charges increase on 1 July each year. On 1 July 2022 our fees and charges were increased by 2.5% in line with Government’s indexation policy. You can contact us to find out details about specific fees, charges or prices.

Making your payment

You may pay the application fee by electronic funds transfer to BSB: 064-129 Account number: 10248321. Please enter ‘RTI application – Your name’ in the payment description field, so we can confirm receipt of your payment.

If you are unable to pay by EFT, please contact our Right to Information Section at [email protected]

Please do not send credit card details by email, or in an attachment to an email, as they could be vulnerable to fraud or to being intercepted. 

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