Date published 24 September 2020
Last modified 05 September 2022
Last reviewed 05 September 2022

Gold ARA Award sealThe CCC’s Annual Report 2019-20 was tabled in State Parliament on 24 September 2020.

The report summarises our key activities, achievements and performance for the financial year ending 30 June 2020.

The report assesses our financial and non-financial performance against the objectives and performance indicators set out in the CCC 2019-23 Strategic Plan, 2019-20 Operational Plan and 2019-20 Service Delivery Statement.

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Remuneration for external committee members

The following information is available through the Queensland Government Open Data Portal

The CCC’s 2019-20 Annual Report is available in alternative accessible versions. You can also request hard copies of the report. To request a hard copy of the report, please email [email protected] or phone 1800 061 611.

Previous annual reports are available from our publications page and from the State Library and Queensland Parliament tabled papers database.


The materials presented on this site are provided by the Crime and Corruption Commission for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic version of this report and the financial statements are not recognised as the official or authorised version.

The electronic versions are provided solely on the basis that users will take responsibility for verifying their accuracy, completeness and currency.

The Queensland Government accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person acting in reliance on the electronic versions.

The official copy of the annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, can be accessed from the Queensland Parliament’s tabled papers website

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