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Protecting children
In 2003, the Crime and Misconduct Commission concluded a public inquiry (Project Park) into the abuse of foster children in Queensland. Project Park was commenced to examine more general systemic issues concerning the provision of foster care in Queensland. On...
Criminal Justice Commission
This 2001 Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) public inquiry investigated allegations of electoral fraud by Queensland members of the Australian Labor Party. The Inquiry was prompted when a member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), Karen Lynn Ehrmann, made...
On 21 December 1999 the Commission resolved that hearings should be held for the purpose of investigating alleged unauthorised access to, and release of, confidential information from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) computer systems by members of the QPS.
Police strip searches
In response to public concerns about the police power to conduct strip searches, in 1999 the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) undertook an inquiry into the laws, policies and procedures relating to strip searches by Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers...
Cape Melville
The investigation into the Cape Melville incident (public hearing) was an investigation into official misconduct relating to flora smuggling in Far North Queensland. The issues for consideration were formulated with careful regard to the Commission's...
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