Date published 14 February 2000
Last reviewed 14 October 2022

On 21 December 1999 the Commission resolved that hearings should be held for the purpose of investigating alleged unauthorised access to, and release of, confidential information from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) computer systems by members of the QPS.

The Commission authorised the Chairperson to conduct public hearings and, as required, closed hearings, having regard to s. 90 of the Act. The Inquiry opened on 14 February 2000. 

Investigative and public hearings 

  • The investigative hearings were conducted from 21 February to 1 March 2000.
  • On 6 March 2000 the CJC commenced three days of public appearances to hear the views of interested stakeholders.

The evidence that the hearings and the submissions disclosed led the CJC to take a proactive approach aimed at reducing the future incidence of improper access to, and/or release of, confidential information. This process was undertaken with the support of the Commissioner of Police, who acknowledged the challenges posed by technological developments in recent years. On this, as for other issues, the CJC has sought to work with the QPS in the shared objective of continuing the reform process.

Use of electronic evidence 

Together with Mr Darryl Harvey, Gina Look and Linda Waugh also played a significant role in preparing and presenting electronic evidence at the public hearing. This was the first time that the CJC had used electronic evidence in this way.

Criminal Justice Commission
Public Reports - Investigations
This report has resulted from the CJC’s inquiry into alleged improper access to, and release of, confidential and personal information

Appendix F: List of stakeholders who made submissions to the Inquiry (see page 124 of the Report

Dr D J Brereton 
Mr C Strofield, Mr D Luttrell, Superintendent I Stewart and Inspector R Gee
Mr J Just
Mr A Skippington and Ms R Cunningham
Commander P Cornish
Chief Superintendent K Rynders
Mr S J Kimmond
Chief Superintendent C Crawford
Commander M R Brammer
Mr G C Taylor
Supt. J Ashby
Mr P J G Laurens
Mr S Reidy
Mr G Wilkinson, Mr D Sycz, and Mr G Cranney
Ms C L Allinson
Professor W J Caelli
Mr A J H Morris, QC, and Mr C J Strofield
Mr B Chapman
Mr G Walters

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