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Protecting children
19 October 2020
In 2003, the Crime and Misconduct Commission concluded a public inquiry (Project Park) into the abuse of foster children in Queensland. Project Park was commenced to examine more general systemic issues concerning the provision of foster care in Queensland. On...
Operation Impala
23 June 2020
Operation Impala examined the improper access and dissemination of confidential information by public sector agencies.
Corruption prevention
Local government
Public sector
Operation Tesco
20 July 2020
Operation Tesco was a CMC investigation that began in January 2009, into allegations that certain police officers on the Gold Coast were involved in inappropriate associations with criminals, drug use, misuse of confidential police information, and other...
CMC Indigenous policing inquiry
26 March 2021
CMC Chairperson, Mr Robert Needham, presided over a public forum at Cairns on 16 October 2007. The forum was part of the CMC’s Indigenous Policing Inquiry and was conducted under sections 176 and 177 of the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001. The forum began with...
Separation issues in the Queensland public sector
3 August 2020
This 2008 investigation by the Crime and Misconduct Commission looked into allegations that the former Director-General of the Department of Employment and Training (DET), Mr Scott Flavell, while in office, misused departmental information for his personal...
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