Date published 16 April 1991
Last reviewed 14 October 2022

Public hearings for the public inquiry into payments made by land developers to Aldermen and candidates for election to the Council of the City of Gold Coast commenced on 16 April 1991.

The Commission sat for a total of 16 days spread over three months, terminating on 14 June 1991. Seventy-one persons were called and gave evidence, before either the public or in camera hearings. Police officers attached to the Commission interviewed a further 59 persons.

A total of 2,096 pages of transcript was produced from the hearings and 279 exhibits were tendered. Eleven investigators were engaged for the majority of the investigation in the interviewing of witnesses, the serving of summonses and notices to produce and associated duties. 

Extension of the ambit of the public hearings

As a result of the publicity generated by the public hearings, the Australian Securities Commission forwarded material which it believes was relevant to the public hearings. 

Aldermen Gold Coast
Investigation report
This report concluded the investigation into the relationship between land developers and Aldermen of the Council of the City of
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