Date published 13 August 2019
Last modified 30 June 2021

Lawyers at the CCC: inheritors of the Fitzgerald legacy, advocates, investigators, change agents

Since Queensland’s landmark Fitzgerald Inquiry in 1987, lawyers have been central to investigating crime and corruption in this state, having a direct and lasting impact on the lives of its citizens. 

Inheritors of the Fitzgerald legacy, advocates, investigators, change agents – being a lawyer at the CCC is about being all of these. Our organisation has an important history and is unmatched in Australia for its breadth of functions and the professional demands it makes of its legal staff.

Working at the CCC combines the investigative specialisation of a crime commission with the broad social analysis required of an integrity body. The range of issues we engage with – drug trafficking, technology-enabled crime, official corruption, money laundering, secret commissions, legislative reform – is not to be found within any other single organisation. 

Your skills can help us to identify, investigate and protect Queenslanders from the criminal and unethical activities that threaten our public institutions and our communities.   

If you are looking for a role that will challenge your intellect, give you in-depth exposure to complex legal and social issues, and expand your professional horizons, the CCC could be ideal for you.

Working as a lawyer at the CCC

Lawyers play an important role in all CCC functions. They are called on to:

  • take a lead role in investigations into crime and corruption, including through public and private hearings
  • propose legislative reform in connection with the criminal justice system 
  • interpret complex legal issues and advise on the CCC's statutory powers, obligations and corporate governance
  • appear in court in litigation brought against the Commission.

Our lawyers may be rotated throughout the organisation to ensure broad professional and management experience, and develop specialist skillsets. They make a vital contribution to our multidisciplinary teams of police and civilian investigators, intelligence and financial analysts, researchers and operational support staff.

As a lawyer at the CCC you will find an environment that is diverse and demanding, professionally rewarding and highly motivating.

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