Date published 13 August 2019
Last modified 10 June 2021

Intelligence at the CCC: dynamic and demanding

The challenges faced by the CCC in investigating organised crime and corruption are more complex and diverse than ever. Globalisation is extending the reach and impact of criminal activities, while technological advances can be used to prevent those activities being detected by law enforcement.  

To stay ahead of the game, here at the CCC we need to understand the shifting mosaic of people, activities and commodities — and the rise of new threats — that can harm the people of Queensland and undermine the integrity of the public sector. That’s where intelligence comes in. It informs our decisions and gives us a tactical and strategic advantage in the fight against organised crime and corruption.

Our aim is to understand constantly moving, complex interactions, patterns of behaviour and anticipate change — that’s what makes intelligence one of the most dynamic and demanding of careers.

Why be an analyst at the CCC?

To be an intelligence analyst at the CCC you will require a very special perspective on events and information. You will need highly developed critical and analytical skills to see how small details and pieces of information can unlock a bigger picture, and connect local activities to global trends. You’ll be called on to:

  • monitor, understand and report on criminal and corruption environments including markets, networks and activities
  • undertake operational intelligence activities and provide support, direction and input to crime and corruption investigations
  • identify and monitor sources of information to detect individuals and networks that are suitable for further investigation by the CCC
  • identify issues of strategic relevance and emerging trends
  • produce actionable operational and strategic intelligence reports
  • provide briefings on intelligence outcomes and opportunities
  • develop and maintain collaborative partnerships within the law enforcement and anti-corruption community and  
  • make a positive contribution to the development of  intelligence capabilities and methodologies.  

As part of our multi-disciplinary teams you’ll work with police, lawyers, financial investigators and other specialists to directly influence the direction and success of CCC investigations.

If you love the challenge of gathering and analysing information, can read people and want to employ your insight as a weapon against organised crime and corruption, then a career in intelligence with the CCC could be for you.


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