Date published 13 August 2019
Last modified 30 June 2021

Financial investigators at the CCC: crime, corruption and criminal proceeds confiscation

If you’re a qualified accountant, working at the CCC can offer you so much more than the routine 9-to-5.  

Here at the CCC you’ll be an integral part of close-knit, multi-disciplinary teams dedicated to reducing the incidence of major crime and corruption in Queensland. You will investigate offences including money laundering, fraud and corruption. Working alongside police officers, intelligence analysts and lawyers, your focus will be to follow the money trail to calculate ill-gotten gains and identify the proceeds of crime.

Our aim is to remove the financial benefit and support for serious criminal offending by recovering the proceeds of crime and targeting criminal wealth

Financial investigators at the CCC must necessarily be qualified and experienced forensic accountants. But in a context of possible illicit activity, they also need to have an enquiring mind and high-level analytical skills.

Our financial investigators need to be great problem solvers and to think outside the box. They are required to unravel complex paper trails and business structures to trace financial flows and uncover concealed assets. To be able give evidence in court they are required to have strong written and oral communication skills. They also need to relay the findings of their financial investigation in a way that their audience can understand in layman’s terms.

If you’re up for a challenge and are committed to making a difference, then a career as a financial investigator with the CCC could be ideal for you.  

What will you do at the CCC?

Here at the CCC, your skills will help in the reduction of the incidence of major crime and corruption in Queensland as you:

  • investigate, identify and recover assets acquired through criminal activity
  • identify, analyse and provide evidence of money laundering and other illicit activity
  • identify, analyse and provide evidence of fraud and corruption in the public sector.

We have the largest concentration of financial investigators in Queensland law enforcement, and offer opportunities for career progression at a number of levels.

The investigative and forensic skills you will gain with us are also highly portable, improving your employment prospects in both the private sector and other law enforcement agencies.

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