Date published 09 August 2019
Last modified 20 September 2019

When the CCC refers a complaint to an agency, we use our monitoring powers to determine how the matter is being dealt with by the agency.

The CCC has three forms of monitoring:

  • Matters that are being closely monitored are expected to be completed by the agency within 12 months, with progress reports provided to the CCC at six weeks, three months, six months and nine months from the case being referred to the agency. This is what the CCC calls a Public Interest Review.
  • Outcome monitoring occurs once the agency has finalised its investigation and taken any disciplinary action, if appropriate. Agencies also provide a progress report to the CCC at three months, and finalise the case within six months. This is what the CCC calls a Merit and Compliance Review.
  • We may refer a complaint to an agency with no further advice required as to the outcome. These cases may be included in a future audit. Audits can tell us how agencies have responded to particular types of complaints and how robust their complaints management frameworks are.

The CCC has the ability to take over an investigation being conducted by an agency if it determines it is not being dealt with appropriately.

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