Date published 03 September 2019
Last modified 12 February 2024
Last reviewed 12 February 2024

The CCC receives complaints about corrupt conduct from members of the public and public sector agencies, and many of these complaints are comprised of multiple allegations. When aggregated, allegations data provide useful information about perceptions of corruption in Queensland.

It is important to understand that the allegations aggregated via the dashboard have not necessarily been assessed or investigated; for that reason there is no outcome data provided. This means that no inferences or conclusions can be drawn from the data dashboard about the nature of corruption in Queensland or the veracity of individual allegations.


We've provided some resources to help you use the dashboard and interpret the data.

Our frequently asked questions provide answers to common questions about the corruption allegations data and explain how to operate the dashboard interface.

Our glossary explains key terms used in the dataset.

We have provided an explanation of how Machinery of Government changes are reported in the dashboard.

You can download the raw data below.

A raw data download (XLSX) is provided in Excel format if you wish to use the data using your own software. The data is from 1 July 2015 to 30 September 2023. 

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