Date published 14 July 2008
Last reviewed 14 October 2022

This 2008 investigation by the Crime and Misconduct Commission looked into allegations that the former Director-General of the Department of Employment and Training (DET), Mr Scott Flavell, while in office, misused departmental information for his personal benefit and failed to disclose a personal interest in private training company.

The CMC used the results of this investigation to look at possible recommendations for dealing with pre- and post-employment separation issues involving ministers and senior executive officers in the public service.

Public Duty, Private Interests: Issues in pre-separation conduct and post-separation employment for the Queensland public sector
Public Reports - Investigations
This report examines allegations that a former Director-General misused their position to help an entrepreneur establish a private skills training
News and Media
The Crime and Misconduct Commission will hold a public hearing into an allegation of official misconduct by former Director-General of
News and Media
A Crime and Misconduct Commission report on the investigation of possible official misconduct by a former Director-General of the Department
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