Date published 09 August 2019
Last modified 21 November 2022
Last reviewed 21 November 2022

A review of a decision about promotion, transfer or non-appointment will involve:

  • the person requesting that a decision be reviewed (the review  applicant)
  • the person who was provisionally appointed to the position but whose selection process and appointment is now being questioned (the nominated appointee)
  • the person who convened the original selection panel (the panel chair)

The description below broadly outlines the review process.

  1. An applicant who wishes to have an appointment decision reviewed must email a completed Notice of Application to Review form, specifying the grounds for review, within 7 days of the decision appearing in the Police Gazette. NB: Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.
  2. Applicants seeking review will be notified once their application has been received. An outline of the review process is included in the correspondence.
  3. All documentation relating to the selection process will be obtained from the panel chair, collated, and copies of these will be sent to the review applicant and nominated appointee. The panel chair, the review applicant seeking review and the nominated appointee may each then make a written submission in response.
  4. A review hearing is scheduled, and all parties involved are notified of the date, time and place, at least seven days in advance of the hearing.
  5. The hearing is held. It gives the review applicant seeking review an opportunity to state their case as to why the original decision should be reconsidered.  The panel chair is invited to respond to issues raised.  The hearing also provides an opportunity for the provisional appointee to respond to points raised.   
  6. After the hearing, the Review Commissioner makes a recommendation to the Commissioner of Police. A copy of this review report is provided to all the parties involved.  
  7. The Commissioner of Police will make the final decision.  The Commissioner is not obliged to accept the Review Commissioner’s recommendation. If a recommendation is not accepted, written reasons must be provided to the Review Commissioner.
  8. The decision is published in the Police Gazette. 

In summary

If you are the review applicant

  • If you are intending to seek a review, you should make sure that you read all the detailed information that applies to your particular situation.
  • Documentation concerning the matter will be forwarded to you for your information.
  • You will be given the opportunity to make a further submission on this documentation.
  • The hearing is your opportunity to provide more detailed information in relation to the concerns raised in your application to review and in your submission.

If you are the provisional appointee

  • No action is required of the provisional appointee. Documentation concerning the matter will be forwarded to you for your information.
  • The hearing gives you the opportunity to respond to points raised.

If you are the panel chair

  • Review applicants are required to obtain feedback prior to submitting their Application to Review.
  • You will be required to provide relevant documentation with the panel chair report.
  • You will be provided an opportunity to respond to the submission made by the review applicant.
  • The hearing gives you (on behalf of the panel) the opportunity to respond to points raised.
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