The parties involved in a review process will depend on which type of decision is being reviewed.

A review of an appointment will involve:

  • the person requesting that a decision be reviewed (the review applicant)
  • the person who was appointed to the position but whose selection process and appointment is now being reviewed (the nominated appointee)
  • the person nominated by the decision maker (generally the panel Chair).

The following people will be involved in any review process (in order of contact with applicants):

  • the Secretary, Police Service Reviews
  • the Senior Sergeant, QPS Police Service Reviews
  • a Review Commissioner.

The Secretary, Police Service Reviews (PSR)

The Secretary, PSR undertakes the efficient day-to-day operations of the PSR function and provides advice on the efficiency of those functions. Their role is to:

  • Process review applications and scheduling hearings before the Review Commissioners
  • Provide procedural advice and administrative support to Review Commissioners to assist them perform their functions
  • Provide advice relating to the reviews process to Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers
  • Provide advice on the relevant legislation, QPS policy and process, concerning police service reviews
  • Conduct inquiries on behalf of the Review Commissioners
  • Provide administrative support to the CPSR

QPS Senior Sergeant, Police Service Reviews

The role of the Senior Sergeant, PSR is to:

  • Act as point of contact between the OCPSR and the Police Service and provide professional assistance as required
  • Provide advice to the OCPSR on QPS policy and process, relevant to police service reviews
  • Provide additional information to the Review Commissioner on request
  • Receive and process documentation submitted by officers involved in reviews
  • Maintain records and develop statistics relevant to police reviews.

Role of Queensland Police Union of Employees

A member of the Queensland Police Union of Employees (QPUE) is invited to attend PSR hearings as an observer. The member provides advice only, if required, and does not put forward a case for the parties of a review. They are not provided any documentation sent to the CPSR.  

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