Date published 16 October 2007
Last reviewed 14 October 2022

CMC Chairperson, Mr Robert Needham, presided over a public forum at Cairns on 16 October 2007. The forum was part of the CMC’s Indigenous Policing Inquiry and was conducted under sections 176 and 177 of the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001.

The forum began with the CMC Indigenous Liaison Officer acknowledging the traditional owners for Cairns and Mr Needham welcoming everyone in attendance.

Mr Mark Pathé (the Inquiry’s Project Manager) then:

  • explained how the CMC had consulted with stakeholders and undertaken research so far
  • outlined what the CMC’s consultations and research tended to indicate.

Mr Needham invited various community, police and other agency representatives to comment or expand on the information Mr Pathé presented to the forum.

Following the inquiry, the CMC presented a report to State Parliament.

The hearing followed months of extensive consultation with local councils, community groups, and local police in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Community safety planning in Queensland's Indigenous communities: A follow-up to the Restoring order report

Indigenous people in policing roles report
Indigenous people in policing roles report summary

Restoring order: Crime prevention, policing and local justice in Queensland's Indigenous communities

Issues paper: Inquiry into Policing in Indigenous communities 

Inquiry into policing in Indigenous communities
Submissions / Call for submissions
Relations between the police and Indigenous people have had a troubled history, in Queensland and throughout Australia. Some of these


The community, police and other agency representatives who spoke during the forum were:

  • Mr Trevor Adcock (Far Northern Region, Queensland Police Service)
  • Snr Sgt Lillian Bensted (Cultural Advisory Unit, Office of the Police Commissioner)
  • Ms Elaine Berlin (Member, Barambah Local Justice Initiative Group and Director of Nursing, Cherbourg)
  • Ms Lyn Booth (Coordinator, Woorabinda Community Justice Group)
  • Sgt Andrew Clarkson (former Officer-in-charge, Aurukun Police Station)
  • Mr Brian Connolly (former Coordinator, Yarrabah Community Justice Group)
  • Snr Sgt Greg Cruise (Projects Officer, Officer of the Commissioner of Police and former Officer-in-charge, Thursday Island Police Station)
  • Ms Vanessa Deakin (Coordinator, Pormpuraaw Community Justice Group)
  • Mr Shane Duffy (Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service South Qld Pty Ltd)
  • Mr Andy Henderson (Assistant Commissioner, Far Northern Region, Queensland Police Service)
  • Ms Sandra Kennedy (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Service, Mount Isa)
  • Mr Gary Kleidon (former Chief Executive Officer, Aurukun Aboriginal Shire Council)
  • Ms Heron Loban (Lawyer, Torres Strait Northern Peninsula Legal Services, Thursday Island)
  • Mr Scott McDougall (Director, Caxton Legal Centre Inc)
  • Mr Stewart Marquardt (Coordinator, Wujal Wujal Community Justice Group)
  • Ms Margaret Mau (Chairperson, Island Coordinating Council, Torres Strait)
  • Fr Ned Mosby (Community Police Sgt, Yorke Island, Torres Strait)
  • Ms Margaret Palmer (Research Fellow, Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership)
  • Insp Russell Rhodes (Far Northern Region, Queensland Police Service)
  • Cr Laurence Weazel (Mayor, Woorabinda Aboriginal Shire Council)
  • Mr Leon Yeatman (Chief Executive Officer, Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council)


The agency representatives who attended the forum as observers were:

  • Ms Natalie Barney (Acting Manager, Indigenous Sports Unit, Department of Local Government Sport and Recreation)
  • Mr Lars Falcongreen (Legal Practice Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service North Qld Pty Ltd)
  • Mr Rod Goodbun (Assistant Director, Law and Justice Policy, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Department of Communities)
  • Ms Pauline Peel (Government Coordinator, Indigenous Service Deliver, Department of Communities)

The CMC has published in full on this website all the submissions provided to the inquiry, except for where it was:

  • requested that the submission not be published
  • requested that part of a submission not be published
  • requested that details of a person’s name and/or contact details be withheld
  • considered by us that information provided in a submission may adversely affect the rights of a person (for example, the right to privacy).

Some submissions that were originally published have since been removed at the request of the author.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the submissions are not necessarily the views of the Crime and Misconduct Commission. The submissions may contain inaccuracies and opinion.

Submissions by date received:

April 16: Doug Brownlow 
April 23: P F Lafsky 
May 15: Kevin McNulty
May 17: Barbara Ashby 
May 18: E M Grant 
May 21: Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council 
May 23: Russell Steele 
May 24: Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation 
May 28: Torres Strait Regional Authority
May 30: Environmental Protection Agency
May 31: Levitt Robinson Solicitors
June 1: Anonymous
June 1: Gwenda Prickett 
June 4: Auditor-General of Queensland 
June 4: Sisters Inside 
June 7: Queensland Corrective Services 
June 8: Australian Institute of Criminology 
June 11: JCU Law School - Townsville 
June 14: Department of Emergency Services 
June 15: George Villaflor 
June 15: Queensland Law Society 
June 26: Mer Island Justice Committee 
June 26: Torres Strait Island Community Police 
July 6: Queensland Health 
July 10: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (Qld South) 
July 13: Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries 
July 24: Department of Child Safety 
July 31: Caxton Legal Centre 
August 9: Legal Aid Queensland 
August 24: Queensland Police Service 
September 20: Department of Communities 
October 16: Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership

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