Date published 1 June 2014
Last reviewed 20 December 2022

Between 2007 and 2009, the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) conducted an independent inquiry into issues relating to policing in Indigenous communities. In 2009, the CMC published Restoring order: crime prevention, policing and local justice in Queensland’s Indigenous communities, which provided a roadmap for improving the relationship between police and Queensland’s Indigenous communities, and reducing crime and violence in those communities.

The CMC proposed that the best way to achieve this was a collaborative approach where police, other stakeholders and the community jointly develop priorities and strategies to target crime and safety problems. The CMC considered it important that these priorities and strategies be endorsed, recorded and communicated through a recognised local planning process.

In Restoring order, the CMC committed to come back to assess whether progress had been made. This report outlines the findings of its review of local-level crime and safety planning, referred to in this report as community safety planning, in a sample of Queensland’s discrete Indigenous communities.

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