Date published: 28 October 2021 | Last modified: 28 October 2021

More than 14,000 public sector employees have shared their perceptions of corruption and integrity with the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

Earlier this year the CCC surveyed employees of Queensland government departments and Hospital and Health Services to obtain their views on topics such as the prevalence of corruption across the public sector, corruption risks in their departments and their willingness to report suspected wrongdoing. 

Participation in the survey was voluntary and anonymous.

When asked what they believed to be the greatest corruption risks in their departments, survey respondents identified bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment), absent or inadequate internal systems, nepotism/favouritism in recruitment of personnel (including vetting), and absent or unclear policies and procedures.

They also identified procurement as a vulnerable area, and reported concerns about corruption risks associated with lobbying.

The CCC has shared the survey results with the participating departments and is continuing to work through the survey results with the departments. These results provide the departments with the opportunity to design meaningful and customised corruption prevention activities for their staff.

The survey results are available now on the CCC website at:

The CCC is an independent agency combating crime and reducing corruption for the benefit of the Queensland community.


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