Date published: 4 May 2021 | Last modified: 04 May 2021

As part of Privacy Awareness Week 2021, the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is reminding public servants of their requirement to adhere to privacy laws when dealing with confidential and private information. 

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is led by the Office of the Information Commissioner and the CCC fully supports the initiative. This year’s theme, make privacy a priority, reminds everyone to value personal information through a better understanding of our privacy rights and responsibilities. The week is also an opportune time to reflect on the importance of protecting and respecting the personal information of Queenslanders.  

Public sector workers have a responsibility under the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) to protect and respect personal information.

CCC Chairperson, Alan MacSporran QC, will be giving a keynote presentation at the launch of PAW on Tuesday 4 May 2021, titled “I trusted you with my private information” – Government powers and practices to prevent misuse of personal information.

Mr MacSporran’s keynote presentation will reflect on lessons from the implementation of recommendations from Operation Impala – A report into misuse of confidential information in the Queensland public sector which was tabled in Parliament in February 2020, and why building a ‘privacy-aware’ culture is fundamental to public trust in government.

Operation Impala was a CCC investigation that examined improper access to, and the dissemination of confidential information, by public sector agencies.

The report’s recommendations were designed to ensure that Queenslanders’ confidential information is less vulnerable to inappropriate access by staff of public sector agencies.

Mr MacSporran said that while Operation Impala focussed on seven agencies, it has relevance to all public sector organisations.

“It’s critical when balancing the competing priorities within public sector agencies that protecting confidential and private information is not forgotten by the staff. Breaching the trust Queenslanders place in public sector agencies to deal with their information in a sensitive way can have very real consequences.

“It is important for all public servants, especially senior executives, to establish workplace cultures and a policy environment that reinforces the importance of ensuring confidential and private information is dealt with appropriately,” Mr MacSporran said.

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