Date published 5 October 2006

Following public hearings in September 2005, the Crime and Misconduct Commission recommended in a 2006 report to State Parliament - tabled on 1 October 2006 - that outcall prostitution services from licensed brothels and independent "escort agencies" should not be legalised in Queensland. 

The report also provides a multi-pronged approach for attacking illegal prostitution in Queensland. 

It includes recommendations which aim to:

  • address the way in which illegal prostitution operators currently advertise their businesses
  • address the strategies used by illegal operators to masquerade as social escort services or sole operators
  • formulate new guidelines for advertising approval for legal prostitution operators (i.e. licensed brothels and sole operators), rather than requiring that each individual advertisement be approved by the Prostitution Licensing Authority
  • create new offences that will target illegal escort agencies and disable telephone numbers that have been used to advertise illegal prostitution services.

This report was tabled in Parliament on 5 October 2006.

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