Date published 12 December 2016

Publicising allegations of corrupt conduct reportPublicising allegations of corrupt conduct may adversely affect the ability of the CCC to perform its corruption function, damage the reputation of the person alleged to have engaged in corrupt conduct, and compromise the fair trial of persons charged with corruption. However, identifying a solution that ensures allegations of corrupt conduct are kept confidential must be balanced against the right to freedom of speech within current legal constraints and the need for open and accountable government.

In June 2016, the CCC decided to examine whether it is in the public interest to publicise allegations of corrupt conduct and, if it is not, what legislative or other options are available to prevent this.

Public submissions

In June 2016 the CCC published a discussion paper Making allegations of corrupt conduct public: Is it in the public interest? and called for public submissions. The invitation for submissions closed on 30 June 2016 but the CCC continued to accept submissions until 21 October 2016.

In total, 82 submissions were received. The CCC held a public forum on 6 and 7 October 2016 to further explore the issues raised in submissions and possible solutions. Twenty‐two people, whose opinions represented the range of views put forward in the submissions, participated in the public forum.

Final Report

In December 2016, the CCC tabled in Parliament this report called Publicising allegations of corrupt conduct: Is it in the public interest? 

The Final Report summarises the information provided to the Inquiry and makes one recommendation.

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