Date published 1 November 2000

Project Axis was a joint initiative of the Queensland Crime Commission (QCC) and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to inquire into child sex offending in Queensland.

Project Axis is not confined to the publication of these reports, but also includes tactical investigations and other initiatives. Many offenders have been identified, investigated, and successfully prosecuted through the combined efforts of the Police Service and the Commission and, where appropriate, these results are included in the reports. 

Importantly, the publication of the Project Axis reports is only one of the many steps in the ongoing process of discharging the QCC’s function in relation to criminal paedophilia.

Volume 1 - Project Axis: Child Sexual Abuse in Queensland: The Nature and Extent (June 2000) 
This volume takes a broad look at child sexual abuse in Queensland. 

Volume 2 - Project Axis: Child Sexual Abuse in Queensland: Responses to the Problem (November 2000)
The report sets out the difficulties faced by law enforcement agencies in dealing with allegations of child sexual abuse. It outlines the future directions we have planned for our own agencies, the QCC and the QPS, in this area which we hope will improve the detection and investigation of child sex offences. However, the report also contains recommendations that have implications for other government and non-government agencies.

Volume 3 - Project Axis: Child sexual Abuse in Queensland: Offender characteristics and modus operandi (June 2000) 
This study aimed to gather both official demographic and offence history data, and confidential self-report data, from a large sample of men currently serving sentences in Queensland for sexual offences against children.

Research for this study was conducted by the Australian Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice & Governance, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Griffith University, Queensland for the Queensland Crime Commission and the Criminology Research Council. We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Queensland Department of Corrective Services (DCS), without which this study could not have proceeded. 

Volume 4 - Project Axis: Child sexual abuse in Queensland: Selected research papers (June 2000) 
During the course of Project Axis, it became obvious that a broad multi-disciplinary approach was needed to enhance our insight into
the complex nature of child sex offending. Hence, this collection of selected papers from Queensland and interstate academics was compiled to provide a more comprehensive appreciation of the problem.

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