Date published 25 May 2020
Last reviewed 12 December 2022

On 20 May 2020, three of Queensland’s integrity agencies partnered to equip newly-elected and existing Local Government councillors and mayors with information to assist them in understanding the integrity agencies’ roles and functions, and the obligations these officials hold under their respective legislation.

The webinar was hosted by the leaders of three of Queensland’s integrity agencies:  

•    Alan MacSporran, QC, Chairperson of the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) 
•    Dr Nikola Stepanov, Queensland Integrity Commissioner and
•    Kathleen Florian, Queensland Independent Assessor.

The 90-minute webinar covered matters including how to manage conflicts of interest, councillors’ obligations in relation to their registers of interest, and steps to ensuring that a council has a robust framework to manage and deal with corruption and misconduct. Over 190 people registered for the webinar across Queensland, including many local government councillors and mayors. 

The hosts facilitated a question and answer segment by discussing and responding directly to questions sent in by viewers. This enabled Queensland’s integrity agency leaders to engage with viewers in real-time right across the State. 

All integrity agencies were pleased to hear that the webinar was well-attended, and that some Queensland councils even paused their council meetings to view the broadcast.  

Local Government: Roles and Functions of Queensland Integrity Agencies, Live Webcast

If you can't view the above video, click here to view the webinar which is located on the CCC's YouTube account

Additional resources

Individual presentation video segments:

•    Part 1: The Integrity Commissioner & Incoming Councillors’ Induction
•    Part 2: The Crime and Corruption Commission - An Overview
•    Part 3: Handling Councillor Conduct Complaints
•    Part 4: The Question and Answer segment. 

Presentation packages:

•    OIC presentation - local government webinar 
•    CCC presentation - an overview of the CCC 
•    OIA presentation – local government – Roles and functions of Queensland integrity agencies 

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