Date published 11 May 2006

This report, tabled in State Parliament on 11 May 2006, presents the findings of the Commission's public inquiry into allegations of official misconduct of some candidates and others during the Gold Coast City Council election in March 2004.

The Gold Coast City Council election public inquiry investigated allegations that Gold Coast City Councillors had breached the Local Government Act 1993 by:

  • misleading voters
  • failing to disclose election gifts
  • failing to declare material personal interests.

The aim of this report is twofold: 

  1. To report on the investigative findings of the CMC’s inquiry, including whether, under section 49 of the CM Act, a report should be made to an appropriate prosecuting authority (see Chapters 2–11).
  2. To examine and recommend necessary changes to existing policies, legislation and practices regarding the conduct of local government elections and local government business (see Chapters 12–23).

We used the results of the investigation to propose recommendations for improving the integrity and conduct of local government councils.

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