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Fraud prevention or fraud risk?
A report on an investigation into the Queensland Police Service’s Project Synergy.

On 6 February 2015, the CCC received information raising multiple allegations about the management and operation of Project Synergy, a fraud prevention project run by the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group (FCCG), QPS. The FCCG is a specialist investigative unit attached to the State Crime Command of QPS.

There was alleged to be widespread misuse of funds obtained and expended through Project Synergy, misuse of QPS time and resources to conduct charity events, misuse of corporate credit cards for personal benefit, inappropriate travel practices and a failure to audit Project Synergy. The CCC identified 17 allegations of corrupt conduct and police misconduct in relation to four FCCG officers.

While insufficient evidence was identified to support most of the allegations, the CCC identified significant issues which have been raised with the QPS and QAO for consideration.

In general terms, these issues fall within three categories: 

  • failure to comply with the financial management regulations required to be adhered to by QPS in the management of FCCG and Project Synergy
  • failure by FCCG to comply with relevant government and internal QPS policies and
  • failure to manage FCCG resources and activities consistent with the effective performance of the role and functions of QPS.
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