Date published 30 June 2017
Last reviewed 12 December 2022

The CCC conducts audits to examine how public sector agencies have responded to particular types of complaints about corruption and how robust their complaints management and prevention frameworks are. The audits are also aimed at controlling the risks of corruption.

To determine what audits the CCC will undertake, a corruption audit plan is prepared that describes the proposed program of audits. The audit plan is agile and audits can and will be reprioritised to ensure the plan incorporates emerging corruption risks identified and continues to be responsive to areas of public interest throughout the year.

Our Corruption Audit Plan - 2016 - 2017

Public reports

While not all CCC audit reports are made available to the public, summary audit reports may be produced to promote public confidence in the integrity of public administration. Our reports contain concise results of our findings and recommendations. 

Below are the summary audit reports for 2016 - 2017.

audit report - conflict of interests involving council employees
The audit assessed whether councils' mechanisms for identifying corruption risks, the process for managing, preventing and detecting conflicts of interest, and dealing with complaints related to conflicts of interest, are effective. (Excludes councillors or mayors under sections 172 and 173 of the Local Government Act 2009.)

audit report - risk assessments
The audit assessed the effectiveness of six representative agencies’ corruption risk assessment process.

QLD Health responses to incidents of theft

The audit examined how allegations of theft are dealt with by the Queensland public health sector.

audit report - recruitment and selectionThe audit assessed how effectively a public sector agency has dealt with the allegations in recruitment and selection activities. The audit also evaluated the agency's responses to reduce or prevent future cases of corrupt conduct in these activities.

The audit reviewed complaints-handling against police at the Queensland Police Service, to identify opportunities for process improvement.

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