Date published: 14 September 2010

The Crime and Misconduct Commission’s public hearing into policing issues on the Gold Coast identified during Operation Tesco will begin on Monday 20 September 2010 at 10.00am.

The CMC plans to sit for five days in the level 2 public hearing room at its Fortitude Valley premises:

North Tower Green Square
515 St Pauls Terrace
Fortitude Valley

The CMC will allow vision and audio of the proceedings to be used for broadcast purposes with the witnesses’ permission. The CMC will obtain their consent and inform the media on the day of the hearing.  A list of witnesses will be provided the day before their appearance.

Please do not film the public gallery.

The following arrangements have been made to allow for media coverage of the hearing:

  • A pool television camera and photographer will be allowed to film/photograph in the hearing room. Media outlets will need to organise a roster for pool arrangements. On the first day of the hearing, the pool camera operator should arrive an hour before the proceedings to test the system.
  • Radio journalists can obtain an audio feed in the media room. Journalists must bring their own equipment to access the audio sockets (Canon XLR 3 pin).
  • The media facilities are close to the public hearing room. Journalists can also observe the proceedings in the public hearing room if space is available.
  • Transcripts of the hearing will be provided online.
  • Any exhibits can also be accessed on the website following the last day of the proceedings. A folder containing a hard copy of the exhibits will be available to journalists in the media room each day. Requests can be made for copies.


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