Date published: 21 November 2022 | Last modified: 21 November 2022

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) acknowledges the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Police Service (QPS) responses to domestic and family violence and the Commission’s findings and recommendations in relation to the QPS conduct and complaints system.

The CCC notes the Government has supported the recommendations in-principle. The CCC also acknowledges and recognises the potential benefits of the recommendation to establish a new and independent Police Integrity Unit within the CCC.

It is critical moving forward that there is a focus on building confidence and trust in the handling of police complaints for both the community and police.  The success of the model proposed will be dependent on several factors, but most importantly it will require all stakeholders to work effectively together.

The CCC recognises the QPS has given their general support to the proposed new model.

If the recommended model is supported by the Government, it will require appropriate and significant resourcing, and a commitment from all stakeholders to work positively and proactively with the CCC to ensure it is established within the timeframes recommended and to give confidence to all who engage with the QPS conduct and complaints system.


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