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In the lead-up to the State Government election on 31 October, CCC Chairperson Alan MacSporran QC has written to all candidates, urging them to put integrity first.

The letter, released earlier today, emphasised that serious corruption risks can arise for both elected officials and candidates during the period just before an election.  

“People with vested interests may attempt to exert undue pressure or seek to buy influence through exploiting personal associations and/or making donations to political parties or individual candidates,” Mr MacSporran said.

“Elected officials and candidates should be alert to the strategies and tactics that may be used by some in the private sector to buy or exert influence,” he said.

He urged candidates to consider community expectations.

“Ultimately, what the community asks of government is that it be fair and trustworthy.

“Queenslanders want to have confidence that their politicians are not for sale and are prepared to be accountable for their actions,” he said.

Mr MacSporran also reminded candidates not to abuse the complaints process.

“I strongly urge you, if you have a genuine complaint to make against a person, particularly in the lead-up to the election, not to publicise that complaint until after the CCC has had an opportunity to assess and possibly investigate it,” he said.

The full text of Mr MacSporran’s letter is available at:

The CCC is an independent agency combating major crime and reducing corruption for the benefit of the Queensland community.


Last updated: 13 October 2020
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