Date published: 26 September 2022 | Last modified: 26 September 2022 | Last reviewed: 26 September 2022

The Crime and Corruption Commission’s (CCC) Annual Report 2021-22 has been tabled in State Parliament today by the Attorney-General.

The report summarises the CCC’s activities, achievements and performance for the financial year ending 30 June 2022, and highlights the breadth of work undertaken by the CCC to combat major crime and reduce corruption for the benefit of the Queensland community.

Key outcomes for the 2021-22 financial year include:

  • Providing 161 intelligence disclosures to law enforcement agencies
  • Holding 160 days of hearings to examine 148 witnesses relating to major crime, intelligence and corruption investigations
  • Concluding 30 confiscation matters resulting in proceeds of crime worth $7.4 million being forfeited to the State
  • Completing a research project on the deterrent effects of confiscating the proceeds of crime
  • Assessing 3,943 complaints of suspected corruption
  • Providing 91 recommendations to units of public administration throughout Queensland to prevent corruption
  • Eight people being charged with 73 criminal offences relating to corruption investigations
  • Finalising 19 major crime and 21 corruption investigations
  • Continuing to build critical capabilities to enhance our ability to respond to a complex and evolving operating environment. 

You can access the CCC’s Annual Report 2021-22 on its website.

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