Date published: 27 September 2019

Tomorrow marks Right to Information (RTI) Day and the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is partnering with the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) to highlight the benefits of public sector agencies proactively releasing information when it is appropriate to do so.  

Acting CCC Chairperson Marshall Irwin said the 2019 RTI Day theme of ‘A click online saves time’ reminds the public sector of the importance of providing access to government information and government services to assist Queenslanders.

“It has been ten years since RTI legislation commenced in Queensland and since its inception technology has advanced sufficiently to allow public sector agencies to proactively release information on their websites to help the community better understand government decision making,” Mr Irwin said.

“Being transparent underpins confidence in the work public servants to do for the public, and providing easy access to information online is an effective way of delivering transparency and accountability.”

The CCC is in the process of launching a refreshed website which will provide Queenslanders with easier access to information about our work. Members of the public will be able to find news and media releases, publications and data relating to corruption allegations. The online forms to report corruption are more user-friendly and the website will be responsive, meaning users on tablets and mobile devices will be able to access information easily.

In addition to the refreshed website, the CCC now live-streams its public hearings and provides information about our work on social media.

“The CCC has invested in improvements to our online engagement because we know that is how Queenslanders are accessing information in 2019,” Mr Irwin said.

Whilst supporting the proactive release of information online, it is timely to remind Queensland’s public servants about the need to protect confidential and personal information.

“The misuse of confidential information by public sector employees has been an area of focus for the CCC for a number of years. The CCC will hold a public hearing as part of Operation Impala in November to look at a range of factors that contribute to misuse of confidential information and to find ways at reducing this corruption risk,” Mr Irwin said.

The CCC is an official partner of RTI Day, which is led by the Office of the Information Commissioner. The day acknowledges the Right to Information Act 2009 and its contribution to facilitating greater access to government-held information.

For general information about RTI Day go to:

The CCC is an independent agency combating major crime and reducing corruption for the benefit of the Queensland community.


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