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Fraud can take many forms. Left undetected, it can rob our public institutions of money, time, resources and productivity. And the reputational damage can cost even more.

While fraud is a significant threat, agencies can defend themselves. Thinking strategically, and investing wisely in prevention and detection regimes is an important precaution, as the following videos will show.

  • Jen O’Farrell, CCC Chief Executive Officer, advises senior executives on how an agency’s procurement and internal audit units can be empowered to become significant players in the fight against fraud.


  • David Honeyman, CCC Principal Prevention Adviser, reminds agency staff that their own efforts in fraud prevention can benefit from the expertise of their colleagues in procurement and internal audit, citing examples of how these units have detected and prevented frauds in some agencies. 

For further information, visit the International Fraud Awareness Week website.

Last updated: 15 December 2020
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