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Complaints about the conduct of a CCC officer

To make a complaint about alleged improper conduct by a CCC officer, please email the CCC's Chief Executive Officer at [email protected]

Complaints about the CCC's service

You can make a complaint about our services or a service provided by a CCC officer to the CCC or to our Parliamentary oversight committee, the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee (PCCC). 

To make a complaint about a CCC service or the service provided by a CCC officer, you can:

Written complaints should be sent to:

Executive Director, Corporate Services
Crime and Corruption Commission
GPO Box 3123
Brisbane Qld 4001

You can also make a complaint about the CCC's services to the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee (PCCC). Contact details of the PCCC are available at:

Complaint statistics for 202223 financial year

Complaints received by the CCC


Complaints resulting in no further action


Complaints resulting in further action



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