Date published 6 December 2023
Last modified 15 January 2024
Last reviewed 15 January 2024

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is reviewing the operation of the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 (Qld) (the Act), which is the primary legislation underpinning Queensland’s asset confiscation regime. The Act seeks to remove the financial gain and increase the financial loss associated with illegal activity, whether or not a person has been convicted of an offence due to the activity.

The CCC commenced its review of the Act after successive inquiries have recognised that significant areas for reform exist for a review to consider. Our review is looking at how well the Act operates, and has considered three areas for potential reform:

  1. revising how Queensland’s asset confiscation regime operates
  2. expanding the asset confiscation mechanisms available within the regime
  3. amending provisions that are barriers to an efficient and effective regime.

To assist with the review, we are asking for people to share their views on the Act and how it operates. We are particularly keen to hear from those agencies involved in administering asset confiscation regimes, legal experts, and those with personal experience of the Act, including people who have had their assets restrained or forfeited.

A discussion paper titled Review of the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 (Qld) — Discussion Paper includes a series of questions which seek feedback on the Act’s application, operation and effectiveness, and on proposals that seek to reform Queensland’s asset confiscation regime.

Noting the time of year, the due date has been extended to Friday 5 January 2024.

Submissions are now closed. 

Submissions can be made by emailing [email protected].  

At the conclusion of its review, the CCC will publish a report for consideration by the Government.

Read the discussion paper here.

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