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Integrity in procurement decision making: An audit of Queensland Health and other public sector agencies
Summary audit report (PDF)

The CCC examined whether Queensland’s public health agencies were demonstrably achieving value for money from their goods/services contracts. The audit also evaluated how effectively agencies dealt with allegations of corrupt conduct relating to procurement and contract management.

05.2019 Improper access to public sector databases, no. 2 (PDF)

Misuse of confidential information is an area of focus for the CCC. In February 2018, we released our first Prevention in Focus paper on improper access to databases. This is the second paper on the topic and highlights that disciplinary and criminal sanctions may be imposed on public sector officers who don’t follow the rules.

    05.2019 Corruption in the public sector – prosecution and disciplinary action in the public interest (PDF)

    This publication draws on CCC case studies to illustrate when and why consideration should be given to prosecution and/or disciplinary action in cases of serious improper conduct.

    03.2019 Corruption in focus: A guide to dealing with corrupt conduct in the Queensland public sector (PDF, 1.5 MB)

    Corruption in focus has been updated to reflect some major changes to the Crime and Corruption Act 2001. Two key amendments relevant to UPAs are:

    1. a new section 40A, which includes an additional record-keeping requirement (which came into effect on 9 November 2018), and
    2. a new definition of corrupt conduct in section 15 (which will come into effect from 1 March 2019).
    02.2019 Changes to the Crime and Corruption Act 2001

    These factsheets have been prepared to advise units of public administration (UPAs) about:

    • the changes to the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 that are directly relevant to them
    • the actions they must take under the new legislation.
    12.2018 Assessing complaints of corruption: the effectiveness of the Queensland Police Service’s policies and practices 
    Summary audit report (PDF)

    The audit examined whether the Queensland Police Service correctly assessed complaints as raising a reasonable suspicion of corrupt conduct or police misconduct.


    An examination of corruption and corruption risks in Queensland’s corrective services facilities
    Full report (PDF)
    Overview of Taskforce Flaxton (PDF)
    The CCC’s Taskforce Flaxton report proposes an anti-corruption framework designed to improve safety and security, accountability and transparency, and performance in a complex environment.


    United against corruption: Joint communiqué from Australia’s anti-corruption Commissioners (PDF)

    To mark International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December, the heads of all Australian anti-corruption bodies have issued a joint communiqué.

    It calls on public sector leaders to do more to build strong cultures of integrity that resist corruption.


    Corruption in Queensland: perceptions and prevention (PDF)

    This short report is a Queensland-specific snapshot of corruption perceptions and experiences, based on the overall findings of the 2018 Global Corruption Barometer survey conducted by Griffith University and Transparency International Australia.


    Review of the Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005

    The Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act was reviewed to determine the need for and effectiveness of this legislation. The report outlines the key findings from the review and the recommendations made, it was tabled in Parliament by the Police Minister on 19 November 2018.


    Body worn cameras – their role in complaint resolution (PDF)

    Body worn cameras are increasingly being used by a number of public agencies, primarily the Queensland Police Service. This paper draws on CCC complaints data and case studies to raise awareness of how these devices can be useful in resolving complaints.

    10.2018 Managing the corruption risks associated with secondary employment 
    Summary audit report (PDF)
    Summary audit report (DOC)

    Secondary employment is additional paid or unpaid employment (either full-time, part time or casual) performed by an employee. Our corruption audit assessed how well departments and statutory bodies managed corruption risks associated with secondary employment.

    10.2018 Managing the security risk associated with chemicals of security concern
    Summary audit report (PDF)
    Summary audit report (DOC)
    These chemicals can be used to make homemade bombs, toxic devices and illicit drugs. The CCC’s audit assessed four agencies, across the department, university and statutory body sectors, regarding their management of risks associated with chemicals of security concern.

    CCC Annual Report 2017–18

    This report summarises our key activities, achievements and performance for the financial year ending 30 June 2018. The report assesses our financial and non-financial performance against the objectives and performance indicators set out in the CCC 2017–21 Strategic Plan and the 2017–18 Service Delivery Statements.


    ICT procurement - what are the corruption risks? (PDF)

    The Queensland Government is currently spending over $1.38 billion on ICT projects across its departments. It is therefore timely for the CCC to remind the public sector about the corruption risks associated with this type of high-cost procurement activity.


    Charter of service (PDF)

    This charter sets out the standards of service you can expect if you lodge a complaint with us about corruption in the public sector. It also details what recourse you have if you do not receive this service.


    Culture and corruption risks in local government: Lessons learned from an investigation into Ipswich City Council (Operation Windage) (PDF)

    The CCC’s report titled Culture and corruption risks in local government: Lessons learned from an investigation into Ipswich City Council (Operation Windage) outlines the corruption risks from governance failures and cultural issues in local government.

    The CCC has made four recommendations to address these corruption risks across the broader local government sector.


    Conflicts of interest — are you managing yours appropriately? (PDF)
    Using case studies and scenarios, this publication seeks to raise awareness among public sector agency staff and managers of the issues and, in some cases, allegations that can arise from a conflict of interest that is not properly identified, documented, managed and monitored.


    CCC 2018-22 Strategic Plan (PDF)
    This plan sets out our areas of focus for 2018-22 and our longer-term strategic objectives.


    The potential cost of failing to perform duties as a police officer: What you should know (PDF)
    This document seeks to make police more aware of their duties as police officers and the serious consequences they may face if they ignore their obligations to the service and to the public.


    Risks in recruitment — are you adequately vetting your staff: What you should know (PDF)
    This document seeks to help managers, members of selection panels and HR staff in public agencies to be more aware of the dangers of recruiting or promoting people who pose corruption risks, particularly into high-risk positions, and how to use effective vetting processes to minimise those risks.


    Taskforce Flaxton - issues paper and invitation for public submissions (PDF)

    The Crime and Corruption Commission has commenced an examination of corruption and corruption risks in Queensland corrective services facilities.

    03.2018 Fraud and Corruption Control: Best Practice Guide
    This Guide has been designed for use by practitioners responsible for implementing or reviewing an organisation’s fraud and corruption internal controls. It consists of an integrated framework of 10 key elements important in developing an effective fraud and corruption control program.
    03.2018 Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act 2005 review – call for public submissions
    The Terrorism (Preventative Detention) Act is being reviewed to determine the need for and effectiveness of this legislation.
    02.2018 Improper access to public sector databases: What you should know (PDF)
    Improper access to public sector databases: What you should know (DOC)
    This document describes the risks to public agencies and their staff of incidents of improper access to private information. As well as including a case study, it identifies particular areas of vulnerability and measures to address them.
    01.2018 Communiqué: CCC Chairperson and Directors-General to collaborate on corruption prevention in Queensland
    The CCC and Directors-General have issued a communiqué affirming their commitment to corruption prevention in Queensland.

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