Operation Stockade is a CCC investigation into allegations of criminality involving legal firms based in Brisbane. A number of matters remain before the courts. 

Operation Stockade concentrated on allegations that a principal solicitor of a Brisbane-based criminal law firm received cash payments from certain clients and failed to comply with legal requirements to deposit those monies into the firm’s trust account. It was alleged that this was done with the intention of concealing the payments from both the firm and the Australian Taxation Office.

In addition, some of the clients received financial support from Legal Aid Queensland and were alleged to have obtained this support by supplying false pay summaries and other information to Legal Aid Queensland. The Legal Aid payments were alleged to have been made to the law firm in addition to the cash payments received from the clients.

Operation Stockade resulted in a number of persons being charged with aggravated fraud, money laundering and related offences in relation to a total of over $900,000 in alleged cash payments made by the clients and an additional $350,000 in alleged payments obtained from Legal Aid Queensland.

Last updated: 20 September 2019
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