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You are here: Home Publications and research Publishing allegations Information for speakers
You are here: Home Publications and research Publishing allegations Information for speakers
You are here: Home Publications and research Publishing allegations Information for speakers

Information for speakers

Thank you for your submission and agreeing to speak at the public forum. This information is intended to assist you to prepare for the public forum.

Date and venue

The public forum will be held on 6 and 7 October 2016 at the Crime and Corruption Commission, Level 2, 515 St Paul’s Terrace (North Tower, Green Square), Fortitude Valley Queensland. View map.

You have been allocated a time to speak at the public forum. You are not required to attend the public forum at other times, although you are very welcome to attend and listen to other speakers.

General information about the forum

The forum will be open to members of the public and the media. It will be live-streamed on the CCC’s website and will be recorded.

Mobile phones

Please ensure your mobile phone is switched to silent or is turned off when inside the public forum.

Social Media Use

You are able to use social media during the public forum. However, please be advised there may be times during the forum when the Chairperson issues a non-publication order.

You are therefore responsible for your own comments.

Panel membership

A five person panel has been established to consider the topic. Panel members are:

  • Mr Alan MacSporran, CCC Chairperson and panel Chairperson
  • Mr Richard Bingham, Queensland Integrity Commissioner
  • Mr Marshall Irwin, CCC Ordinary Commissioner
  • Professor John McMillan AO, Acting New South Wales Ombudsman
  • Dr Rebecca Denning, CCC Director Policy and Research.

Your submission and providing information for the panel

Please bring a copy of your submission with you, as well as any other documents that you wish to refer to or that you feel will assist the discussion.

If you wish to refer to additional material, the CCC would appreciate receiving copies of these by 5pm 29 September 2016, so that they can be given to panel members.

Please send any additional material to [email protected] prior to the forum.

On arrival

Please arrive during the morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea break, or at least 20 minutes, prior to your allocated speaking session. On arrival, please come to the Level 2 Reception area.

Standard security measures for government buildings apply at the CCC’s premises. Everyone, including speakers, attending the forum will be required to adhere to these.

When you arrive on Level 2, identify yourself to reception staff as a speaker so that you can progress through the sign-in procedures and security screening.

For workplace health and safety reasons, you will be required to produce photographic identification to enter the public forum.

A CCC staff member will then take you to your seat and let you know when it is time for you to speak.

During the forum

The forum will be held using the CCC’s public hearing powers. However, unlike other CCC hearings, speakers are not being compelled to provide information and any information provided is not given on oath.

Considering the forum will not be of an investigative or inquisitorial nature, the CCC does not anticipate anyone speaking will require legal representation.  However, if you arrange such representation they are welcome to attend the forum with you.

The CCC will attempt to censure any defamatory, obscene or offensive comments and speakers who persist in making such remarks may be asked to leave the forum. Please be advised the forum will be live-streamed and any remarks you make may be broadcast. You are therefore responsible for your own comments.  The CCC is not liable for defamatory comments made during the forum.

Speaker’s responsibilities

When it is your turn to speak, you will have an opportunity to make a short opening statement to the panel (no more than five minutes). The panel has already read your submission so please do not restate the information you have already provided. This time is an opportunity to provide additional information that you feel is important.

The panel is interested in engaging in a two-way discussion with speakers. To guide this discussion, panel members may ask you questions to help them to understand your views. If you cannot answer a question at the time, you may wish to supply further information after the forum.

In preparation for the public forum, we encourage you to re-read the CCC’s discussion paper, read the other submissions available on the CCC website and consider the following questions:

  • In your view, is making allegations of corrupt conduct public in the public interest?
  • What factors did you consider in arriving at your position?
  • What are the positive outcomes associated with your position?
  • What are the negative outcomes associated with your position and how can these be eliminated, minimised or managed?
  • What changes to laws, policies, practices or systems are required to support your position?
  • What are possible barriers to the successful implementation and operation of these reforms, and how can these be eliminated, minimised or managed?
  • What are the possible unintended consequences of these reforms and how can these be eliminated, minimised or managed?

It is important to note that the public forum is not an opportunity to raise issues unrelated to this project. The forum is also not an appropriate setting to:

  • make or discuss specific allegations of corrupt conduct
  • damage the reputation of people
  • name or discuss entities or organisations unfairly when they are not present to defend themselves
  • behave in an offensive, abusive or threatening manner
  • infringe the intellectual property rights of others

As appropriate, the CCC will make non-publication orders and stop the live-stream of the forum to prevent the publication of such information.

Report of public forum

The CCC intends on writing a report following the forum. Before publication, anyone who has made a contribution and is quoted in the report will be given the opportunity to check the accuracy of the references to their statements.

Last updated: 29 September 2016

Contact us if you would like more information about this public consultation:

  • Phone:
    07 3360 6060 or 1800 061 611 (in Queensland outside Brisbane)
  • Email:
    [email protected]

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