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You are here: Home Publications and research publications misconduct
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Independence, influence and integrity in local government: a CMC inquiry into the 2004 Gold Coast City Council election
This report presents the findings of the Commission's public inquiry into allegations of official misconduct of some candidates and others during the Gold Coast City Council election in March 2004. It also examines the adequacy of existing legislation in relation to the conduct of local government elections.
CMC investigations into allegations affecting the Douglas Shire Council: a synopsis
This synopsis details the results of investigations conducted by the CMC into numerous allegations against the mayor, councillors, and council officers of the Douglas Shire Council, as well as complaints by the mayor and CEO.
Making a difference: governance and accountability of Indigenous councils
This paper draws attention to the high demands made of Indigenous councils, even though they have a limited capacity to meet those demands. It is therefore no surprise that many Indigenous councils have been found wanting in terms of accountability and other governance issues. This paper is primarily intended for those involved in working with Indigenous communities in relation to governance issues. It offers practical advice, rather than just pointing to the problems.
Forensics under the microscope: challenges in providing forensic science services in Queensland
Investigation into official misconduct in the way a rape case was handled in Queensland in 1999, including the delivery and management of forensic science services.
The Volkers case: examining the conduct of the police and prosecution
Report of a CMC investigation into whether there was any misconduct in the initial police investigation or in the prosecution’s decision to drop sexual misconduct charges against swimming coach Scott Volkers before he came to trial.
An investigation of matters relating to the conduct of the Hon. Ken Hayward MP
Investigation into allegations of improper actions regarding transactions between government agencies and business entities; and misuse of parliamentary travel entitlements.
Report on an investigation into the alleged misuse of public monies, and a former ministerial adviser
This report details the CMC's investigation into a grant to the Queensland Rugby Union, and the role played by former ministerial adviser Simon Tutt. It discusses the relationship between ministerial advisers and public servants, and the importance of transparent and accountable decision-making. It contains recommendations for policy and procedural reform.
Public duty, private interests: Issues in pre-separation conduct and post-separation employment for the Queensland public sector
This account of the investigation of possible misconduct by Scott Flavell, former Director-General of the Department of Employment and Training also examines how the prospect of future private sector employment could influence public officials and compromise good government administration. It contains recommendations for policy and legislative reform relative to these issues.
Final CMC report into the 2009 South East Queensland Regional Plan, including land at Palmwoods
A CMC report on its investigation into an allegation that a former Deputy Premier of Queensland had improperly influenced the review process of certain parcels of land included in the urban footprint contained in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 (2009 SEQ plan).
The prosecution of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge: a report on an inquiry into issues raised in a resolution of Parliament
Investigation of allegations of unfairness in the proceedings and political interference in the prosecution of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge.
Brisbane River flood levels: a CMC report on the Brisbane City Council’s handling of flood study reports
A Crime and Misconduct Commission investigation into allegations that the Brisbane City Council improperly suppressed the findings of Brisbane River flood studies has not revealed any evidence of official misconduct by any person. However, the investigation did reveal some failings in the BCC’s recordkeeping and administrative practices, and the CMC has made recommendations for improvements in these areas. The report also comments on some important general issues about the openness of government and the public interest.
Listening in: results of a CMC audit of police interview tapes
This report presents findings from an audit of police interview audio tapes — the second one conducted since 1999 — involving people suspected of having committed indictable offences. This audit has been conducted as part of the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s function of undertaking research into police powers and the use of those powers.
Lockhart River allegations: a CMC report on an investigation into allegations of official misconduct arising from the presence of alcohol on the Queensland Government aircraft at the Lockhart River airport
Report on the circumstances around the discovery of a bottle of wine in a government aircraft on the Lockhart River airport tarmac; examination of events from the point of view of whether official misconduct took place.
The Tugun Bypass investigation
The CMC has tabled in parliament a report into an investigation of complaints that officers of the Department of Main Roads had breached the conventions for how officials of the state public service should behave during election campaigns. While determining that no official misconduct occurred, the CMC found that the letter delivered by officers of the Department of Main Roads in relation to the Tugun Bypass proposal did breach the proper practice of departments, as set out in the Queensland Cabinet handbook. Accordingly, the CMC has made four recommendations designed to achieve full compliance with the accepted conventions.
The Shepherdson Inquiry: an investigation into electoral fraud
Independent public inquiry into allegations of electoral fraud by members of the Queensland branch Australian Labor Party.
2004 Gold Coast City Council elections - Summary and recommendations
Palm Island bribery allegation
Report of a CMC investigation into an offer made by the Premier of Queensland to the Palm Island Aboriginal Council
Report of an investigation into the appointment of the Queensland Information Commissioner
In this report the CMC examines the issues raised concerning the circumstances in which Ms Cathi Taylor was appointed Queensland Information Commissioner in February 2005.
Review of the financial management guidelines for the Office of the Speaker
This report reviews Queensland Government guidelines designed to improve accountability and tighten controls for the financial management of the Office of the Speaker.
Palm Island airfare controversy
A report on the CMC investigation into allegations of official misconduct in respect of travel arrangements authorised by the former Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy.
Perceptions of misconduct in Queensland correctional institutions: a survey of custodial officers
Survey findings examining perceptions of official misconduct in Queensland correctional institutions.
Allegation against the Honourable TM Mackenroth in respect of land at Elimbah East: a report from the CMC
A CMC report on its investigation into an allegation that a retired former Deputy Premier improperly influenced a review process which changed the classification of certain land in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009.
Complaints referral form for use by units of public administration
Complaints referral form for use by units of public administration - Word version.
Profiling the Queensland public sector: functions, risks and misconduct resistance strategies
This report represents the cooperation of 234 Queensland public sector agencies who took the time to participate in the CMC’s Responding to Misconduct survey. The survey was designed to provide the CMC with the sort of information it needs to help build the capacity of Queensland public sector agencies to deal with and prevent misconduct. The information contained in this report should help individual agencies understand themselves better by being able to compare their risks and their prevention strategies with those of other like agencies. By comparing their own responses with the collated information in this report, agencies may be able to identify areas that require further attention.

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