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You are here: Home Publications and research publications police
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The new public nuisance offence provision: an issues paper
Issues paper discussing how police are enforcing the new public nuisance offence provision, and the impact it is having on the Queensland public?
The Princess Alexandra Hospital Police Beat: an evaluation by the CMC
CMC evaluation of the Princess Alexandra Hospital Police Beat indicates it is an encouraging example of what can be achieved, even within a complex environment such as a hospital.
Alleged police assault of Aurukun resident Warren Bell: a report from the CMC
This report presents the CMC's findings regarding an allegation of police assault made in January 2007 by Aurukun resident Warren Bell.
Operation Tesco: report of an investigation into allegations of police misconduct on the Gold Coast
This report exposes the environment and attitudes that gave rise to police misconduct on the Gold Coast, drawing attention to the quality of supervision and the ability of local managers to recognise and deal with potential misconduct.
The Queensland Police Dog Squad: A CMC review of complaints and bite incidents
Analysis of complaints about bites by QPS dogs between 1999 and 2006.
An alternative to pursuit: a review of the evade police provisions
CMC review of the ‘evade police’ powers, aimed at improving community safety by reducing the number of police pursuits. The report makes 13 recommendations to make the powers a more effective tool for police.
On the beat: an evaluation of beat policing in Queensland
Beat policing is a community policing strategy designed to make an individual police officer responsible for the community’s policing needs in a defined geographical area. Officers are encouraged to take ‘ownership’ of their area and employ proactive strategies to address the underlying causes of crime and community problems within their beat. Beat policing constitutes an important shift in the nature of operational policing. There has been much interest expressed in recent years in expanding this form of policing throughout Queensland. This report presents the findings of an evaluation conducted by Research and Prevention officers of the Crime and Misconduct Commission.
Publications discussing tasers.
Review of Queensland’s police move-on powers - Invitation for public comment
The CMC conducted a review of Queensland’s police move-on powers. This is the invitation for public comment.
Interactions between police and young people
Three research studies on relations between police and young people, including analysis of complaints against police by young people and results from a school-based-program to reduce risk-taking behaviour.
Setting the standard
Dangerous liaisons: a report arising from a CMC investigation into allegations of police misconduct (Operation Capri)
Operation Capri revealed multiple incidents of police misconduct, mainly relating to the involvement of police officers with a criminal informant.
The ethical perceptions and attitudes of Queensland Police Service recruits and first year constables
Restoring order
Handling complaints against Queensland police: past, present and future
An examination of how the process for handling complaints against police in Queensland evolved into the current system.
Striking a balance: an inquiry into media access to police communications
Report into media access to police radio systems.
CMC Review of the Queensland Police Service’s Palm Island Review
An alternative to pursuit: a review of the evade police provisions — summary and recommendations
The summary and recommendations from our review of 'evade police' powers.
OC spray: oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray use by Queensland police
Oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray is a relatively new use-of-force option for Queensland police. The spray is now used commonly by police to help them deal with volatile situations and aggressive people. This report formally assesses the risks of using OC spray and determines its overall effectiveness.
Police powers and VSM: a review
This report evaluates new police powers introduced to support a state government initiative to provide people addicted to volatile substances with a safe place to go while under the influence.
Responding to volatile substance abuse: evaluation of the places of safety model
This report documents the CMC's evaluation of the effectiveness of a state government initiative to help people who are addicted to inhaling volatile substances. The evaluation was complementary to a review of new police powers introduced to support the initiative.
The arrest of Samuel Hogan: a CMC investigation
This report examines the serious injury of a young man while being arrested by two Cairns police officers. While it exonerates the officers from wrongdoing, it calls on the QPS to re-examine its procedures in relation to the detention of people suffering from a mental illness and the monitoring of anyone who has been subjected to a neck restraint.
Problem-oriented policing in a detective environment: a Queensland case study
This report presents an innovative POP (problem-oriented policing) project conducted by detectives at the Gold Coast. It illustrates both the potential and the challenges of POP for contemporary police services
Policing domestic violence in Queensland: meeting the challenges
The report looks at the challenges that confront police and identifies potential strategies to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.
Policing domestic violence: report summary
Summary of the report 'Meeting the challenges' on the issues that confront police dealing with domestic violence.
The Fitzgerald Inquiry - Report (1987–89)
Full report from the Fitzgerald Inquiry.
Police Pursuits: A law enforcement and public safety issue for Queensland.
This report presents an analysis of police pursuits in Queensland from 1997 to 2002.
Fitzgerald Report - Appendix
Appendix section of the Fitzgerald report.
action 49
Response to DC Rynders' report (Palm Island police investigation)
Use of force
Review of Queensland’s police move-on powers
Inquiry into policing into Indigenous communities

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