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You are here: Home Publications and research publications corporate 2012–16 Strategic Plan
You are here: Home Publications and research publications corporate 2012–16 Strategic Plan
You are here: Home Publications and research publications corporate 2012–16 Strategic Plan

2012–16 Strategic Plan

The following outline of our Strategic Plan highlights the outcomes we want, what we will do to achieve them and how we will assess our progress.   

We will include our specific performance targets, progress, achievements and the degree to which we have met the commitments outlined in this plan in our 2011–12 Annual Report.   

Our priorities for 2012-13

  • Increase the capacity and outcomes of our proceeds of crime function.
  • Work with partners to develop law enforcement and policy responses to emerging internet technology - enabled major crime.
  • Change our processes, including workforce models, as a result of the Independent Review of the Police Complaints, Discipline and Misconduct System (PDF 820 KB)
  • Enhance our engagement with Indigenous communities, organisations and people.
  • Improve our capacity to effectively manage high-risk projects and issues.
  • Assess the misconduct risks in local government and prioritise and amend our initiatives and responses accordingly.

Our challenges 

  • Effectively collaborating with the community and our stakeholders to foster strong public confidence in our operations
  • Ensuring strong leadership and management to embed continuous organisational improvement
  • Further improving communications that educate, invite interaction and promote awareness
  • Attracting and retaining a specialist workforce in a competitive labour market
  • Continuing to improve our impact through timely service delivery

Our objectives and strategies

To reduce the impact of major crime in Queensland we will: 

  • conduct multidisciplinary operations into major crime of high threat to Queensland
  • use our special hearings power to add value to major crime investigations
  • use our specialist research and intelligence functions to inform major crime priorities and prevention activities
  • collaborate effectively with all our partners
  • deliver an effective and appropriate civil proceeds of crime scheme for Queensland.  

Signs of success

  • Targeted major crime in Queensland is disrupted and/or prevented.
  • Our partners are demonstrably engaged in all we do.
  • Our proceeds of crime function helps disrupt and prevent criminal activity.       

To promote a trustworthy public sector we will:

  • work proactively with agencies to implement and maintain effective integrity systems
  • oversee the public sector’s management of misconduct and the investigation of police-related deaths
  • investigate the most serious official misconduct
  • use our specialist research, prevention and intelligence capability to support our integrity functions.  

Signs of success

  • Agencies responsibly manage their own integrity systems
  • Serious misconduct and systemic issues are exposed in a timely manner through our own investigations.
  • Our recommendations for action and reform are accepted.   

To ensure an effective witness protection service we will:  

  • provide quality, timely and effective support to protected witnesses
  • provide court security
  • continue to develop witness protection tactics, processes and systems. 

Signs of success

  • Safety of protected witnesses is maintained.
  • Best practice services are provided.  

To maintain a high performing organisation that communicates effectively we will:  

  • engage capable staff to deliver culturally appropriate and continuously improving services that are ethical, efficient and effective, in particular, we will
  • produce quality reports to inform relevant public debate, law making and policy development
  • leverage web-based technologies to engage, consult and share information with stakeholders and the community
  • strengthen our capability to deliver high-risk projects on time
  • improve the collection, sharing and reporting of corporate information. 

Signs of success

  • Public confidence in our organisation is strengthened.
  • Culturally appropriate services are delivered to Indigenous people.
  • Our public policy recommendations are accepted by government.
  • We have the capacity to respond to changes in our operating environment at short notice.
  • We exhibit best practice ethical decision-making.
  • Result-oriented interactions between work units demonstrate a collegial work environment.
Last updated: 28 June 2013

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