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You are here: Home Police oversight Police powers and practice
You are here: Home Police oversight Police powers and practice
You are here: Home Police oversight Police powers and practice

Police powers and practice

Research into police methods, powers and their use.

We undertake a range of activities relating to police practices, including conducting research into police methods of operation, police powers and their use.

Use of force
Research into use of force by tasers, OC spray, police dogs and pursuits.
Policing in Indigenous communities
CMC reviews of issues relating to policing in Indigenous communities since 2004.
Review of the 'evade police' provisions
The ‘evade police’ provisions introduced into the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act in 2006 were designed to reduce the number of police pursuits and the associated risks to community safety in Queensland. They do this by giving police the option to allow a fleeing vehicle to ‘escape’, knowing that they have the power and investigative tools to identify the offending driver at a later stage.
Review of the police discipline system
Setting the standard: Matters arising from the Crime and Misconduct Commission's 2010 review of current processes for the management of police discipline and misconduct matters, and subsequent government responses.
Review of Queensland’s police move-on powers
CMC review of police use of move-on powers to issue a direction requiring an individual or groups to move on or to leave a public place.
Review of the public nuisance offence
The aim of the 'public nuisance offence' introduced into Queensland legislation was to prevent or deter activity that would interfere with the public right to use and enjoy public spaces. The CMC reviewed the use of the offence at the request of the Queensland Government.
Police radio communication access
In the wake of the Queensland Police Service’s decision to begin a roll-out of digital radio technology, the government asked the CMC to determine what level of access, if any, the media should have to police radio communications.

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