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You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases Media releases — 6 July 2010 – 29 June 2011
You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases Media releases — 6 July 2010 – 29 June 2011
You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases Media releases — 6 July 2010 – 29 June 2011

Media releases — 6 July 2010 – 29 June 2011

CMC releases ‘snapshot’ review of Queensland’s Prostitution Act — 29.06.2011
Media release about the CMC’s review of Queensland’s Prostitution Act .
CMC review of ‘evade police’ powers — putting the brakes on high-risk pursuits — 29.06.2011
Media release about Queensland’s legal prostitution industry recording limited growth in the past five years, according to a Crime and Misconduct Commission review of the Prostitution Act 1999.
CMC to review use of state funds in Indigenous sector — 27.06.2011
Media release about the CMC's review of the accountability systems used to administer state funds to Indigenous organisations.
Police reforms must continue on Gold Coast — 23.06.2011
In the wake of the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s Operation Tesco, the Queensland Police Service has made significant progress in improving policing on the Gold Coast, but there is still more to be done, according to a CMC report.
Media conference statement, Operation Tesco 23.06.2011
A media statement made by CMC Chairperson Martin Moynihan AO QC about an investigation into allegations of police misconduct on the Gold Coast in February, 2009.
CMC to release report on Operation Tesco — 21.06.2011
Media advisory about the release of the CMC's report on Operation Tesco.
CMC statement on allegations by former Minister — 24.05.2011
Media release about corruption allegations made by Gordon Nuttall.
CMC statement on police discipline system review — 24.05.2011
Media release on the CMC report 'Setting the standard: a review of current processes for the management of police discipline and misconduct matters'.
CMC releases evaluation of Taser use in Queensland — 28.04.2011
CMC Taser evaluation to be released — 27.04.2011
CMC to confiscate $4.2 million drug profits — 08.04.2011
A former Finks outlaw motorcycle gang member will be forced to repay the state millions of dollars following a successful Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) proceeds of crime claim.
New Crime and Misconduct Commissioner announced — 07.04.2011
Queensland businessman jailed for corrupting former minister — 01.04.2011
Media release about the jailing of Harold Shand for corrupting a public official.
CMC investigates allegation of electoral bribery — 29.03.2011
CMC charges former police officer for drug related offences — 23.03.2011
QPS takes no disciplinary action against Palm Island officers — 15.03.2011
Media release about the Queensland Police Service's failure to take disciplinary action against the six police officers involved in investigations relating to the Palm Island death in custody of Mulrunji.
CMC statement on QPS response to Palm Island police investigations — 15.03.2011
Media release including a link to the audio file of the press conference in WMA format.
Clarification of CMC power to seek review before QCAT — 15.03.2011
Media release explaining the CMC power to seek review before QCAT.
CMC statement on Palm Island death in custody — 14.03.2011
Media advisory about the CMC's public statement regarding the police investigations into the Palm Island death in custody of Mulrunji in 2004.
CMC statement — suggestions of links between organised crime and Queensland Health's payroll system — 11.02.2011
Report into investigation of former ministerial adviser — 21.12.2010
Media release about the investigation of former ministerial adviser Simon Tutt.
CMC reviews use of police move-on powers — 21.12.2010
Standard set for Queensland’s police discipline system — 21.12.2010
Media release on recommendations designed to strengthen the Queensland Police Service’s discipline system.
Former Queensland Minister jailed for official corruption — 16.12.2010
Media release about jailing of Gordon Nuttall for official corruption.
Police ethics survey validates focus of QPS reform — 09.11.2010
Media release regarding the CMC report 'The ethical perceptions and attitudes of Queensland Police Service recruits and first year constables 1995–2008' calling for the QPS to ensure ethics training is provided to all police officers throughout their careers
CMC statement — response to Courier Mail editorial — 08.11.2010
Media release in reponse to Courier Mail editorial.
Nuttall’s second corruption conviction echoes zero tolerance — 27.10.2010
Media release about Gordon Nuttall's second corruption conviction.
Operation Tesco public hearing — 24.09.2010
Media release about the conclusion of the Operation Tesco public hearing.
Two men jailed for contempt — 17.09.2010
Media arrangements for CMC public hearing into Operation Tesco — 14.09.2010
Media advisory about the media arrangements for the CMC public hearing regarding Operation Tesco.
CMC welcomes new policing strategies on the Gold Coast — 26.08.2010
Media release about the CMC welcoming new policing strategies on the Gold Coast.
Crime and Misconduct Commission statement — 20.08.2010
CMC calls time on stalled Palm Island response — 19.08.2010
Media release about the CMC calling for a prompt response from the Police Commissioner following a Supreme Court decision upholding the CMC’s power to impose requirements arising from its Palm Island report.
CMC completes investigation of Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor — 28.07.2010
Media release about the completion of the CMC investigation into Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Michael Brunker.
CMC statement on Police Commissioner deadline — 06.07.2010
Media release about adjournment of an application for an injunction restraining the Police Commissioner from complying with CMC recommendations.
Crime and Misconduct Commission statement — 23.06.2010
Crime and Misconduct Commission statement — 21.06.2010
Crime and Misconduct Commission chronology — 18.06.2010
Media release about the chronology of the CMC Chairperson’s involvement in the reappointment of the Queensland Police Commissioner.
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