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You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases CMC’s Annual Report tabled in Parliament — 30.09.2013
You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases CMC’s Annual Report tabled in Parliament — 30.09.2013
You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases CMC’s Annual Report tabled in Parliament — 30.09.2013

CMC’s Annual Report tabled in Parliament — 30.09.2013

The Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) continues to tackle major organised crime and investigate misconduct in the public sector to stamp out crime and corruption in Queensland.

The CMC’s significant contribution to law enforcement and a trustworthy public sector is contained in the 2012-13 Annual Report tabled in State Parliament on Friday (27 September).

Acting CMC Chairperson Dr Ken Levy said the achievements of the CMC have directly impacted on organised crime and were integral in advancing other serious criminal investigations.   

“Our crime fighters undertook 37 tactical operations and 56 people were charged with 968 criminal offences in the last financial year. The CMC helped to dismantle a heroin distribution network which has now resulted in 193 charges against 29 people and our strong focus on criminal paedophilia led to over 700 charges against 13 people,” Dr Levy said.

“The CMC used its specialised powers to hold an unprecedented 201 days of hearings to progress 28 serious criminal investigations including homicides, grievous bodily harm to a baby and armed robbery.”

The CMC also returned $16.98 million to the State of Queensland through its proceeds of crime activities which recover the illegal financial gains of criminals.

“Included in the $16.98 million returned to Government was $11.80 million the CMC returned after successfully restraining assets related to the Queensland Health fraud. Some of this returned money is being used on government programs and that is a great result for Queenslanders, ” Dr Levy said.

In its role of overseeing and promoting a trustworthy public sector and police service, the CMC received 4,494 complaints of misconduct which involved 10,311 separate allegations in the 2012-13 financial year. The majority of complaints related to police (51%), public sector agencies (38%) and local governments (10%).

The CMC completed 87 official misconduct investigations resulting in seven people being charged with 48 criminal offences and 37 people have been the subject of 128 disciplinary recommendations.

A key theme in public sector investigations has been recruitment practices and favouritism. Investigations into alleged police misconduct focused on the unauthorised release of confidential information, the excessive use of force and the suspected use and supply of dangerous drugs by police officers.

“Although about half of all misconduct allegations received in 2012-13 related to the police, the last four years has seen a 25% reduction in allegations against police being received by the CMC, ” Dr Levy said.

In addition to its operational role, the CMC undertakes research to provide an evidence base for our contribution to public policy issues, including recommendations for legislative change. The CMC published a number of research papers in the 2012-13 financial year including a review of multiple and prolonged taser deployments by the Queensland Police Service.   

In the 2012-13 year, the CMC experienced external reviews which presented challenges for the organisation. However, these reviews have provided an opportunity to evaluate internal processes in order to build a stronger CMC.

“The significant operational outcomes achieved concurrently to the review process are outlined in the Annual Report and demonstrates the positive impact the CMC continues to have on reducing organised crime and public sector misconduct in Queensland,” Dr Levy said.

A copy of the CMC's Annual Report 2012-13 is available on the CMC's website.

Last updated: 30 September 2013
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