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You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases CMC media releases — 2013
You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases CMC media releases — 2013
You are here: Home News and media CMC media releases CMC media releases — 2013

CMC media releases — 2013

Our media releases for 2013.
CMC completes investigation into allegation of electoral bribery — 23.12.2013

The CMC's reopened investigation into an allegation of electoral bribery has found there is no evidence that a criminal offence was committed within the meaning of Section 98C of the Queensland Criminal Code.

No criminal charges against former Director-General — 04.12.2013

On advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions, the CMC has determined that it will not lay criminal charges against the former Director-General of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Mr Michael Caltabiano.

Statement in response to Keelty Review of CMC — 20.11.2013

The CMC has noted the content and recommendations of Mr Mick Keelty’s administrative review of the CMC, which has been tabled in Parliament.

Statement from Acting CMC Chairperson – 08.11.2013

Statement from Acting CMC Chairperson, Dr Ken Levy on 8 November 2013.

CMC’s Annual Report tabled in Parliament — 30.09.2013

The CMC’s significant contribution to law enforcement and a trustworthy public sector is set out in the 2012-13 Annual Report, which has been tabled in State Parliament.

CMC public report into Queensland Health fraud tabled in Parliament — 25.09.2013

The CMC's report 'Fraud, financial management and accountability in the Queensland public sector' has been tabled in State Parliament today.

CMC to release report into the Queensland Health fraud — 24.09.2013

The CMC’s report outlining the results of several investigations and reviews sparked by the discovery of a $16.69 million fraud committed on Queensland Health will be tabled in State Parliament tomorrow, Wednesday 25 September 2013.

CMC completes assessment of CSG complaints — 19.09.2013

The CMC has finished assessing complaints of official misconduct relating to the approval processes for two coal seam gas projects.

CMC public report into University of Queensland enrolment tabled in State Parliament — 13.09.2013

The CMC's report 'An examination of suspected official misconduct at the University of Queensland' has been tabled in State Parliament today.

CMC to release report into the University of Queensland — 12.09.2013

The CMC’s report into a forced offer for entry into the University of Queensland’s 2011 medical program (MBBS) will be tabled in State Parliament on 13 September 2013.

CMC calls for submissions on child sex offender law — 19.08.2013

The CMC is inviting Queenslanders to have their say on one of the laws protecting children from convicted child sex offenders living in the community.

Joint CMC-NSW Police operation dismantles inter-state drug network — 05.07.2013

A CMC and NSW Police Force joint operation has dismantled a Queensland-based crime network responsible for distributing precursor chemicals used in the production of methylamphetamine within NSW.

CMC delivers latest review of police Taser use — 26.06.2013

The CMC’s latest review of Taser use by the Queensland Police Service has found that most multiple or prolonged deployments appeared to be appropriate, and were targeted at people who were displaying violent behaviour.

Update on CMC examination of University of Queensland matters — 19.06.2013

The CMC has provided an update on its examination of issues associated with the forced offer for entry into the University of Queensland's 2011 medical program (MBBS).

CMC returns millions to state coffers in Morehu-Barlow case — 13.06.2013

The CMC has successfully recovered more than $11.8 million worth of assets for the State from former Queensland Health employee Hohepa Hikairo Morehu-Barlow through proceeds of crime action in the Supreme Court in Brisbane today.

CMC Assistant Commissioner, Misconduct, announces departure to take up new role — 02.05.2013

The CMC's Assistant Commissioner, Misconduct, Warren Strange has announced his resignation, which takes effect later this month, to take up a new role.

CMC statement on consideration of allegations concerning Scott Driscoll MP — 24.04.2013

The CMC has commenced a co-operative misconduct investigation with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) into allegations concerning Scott Driscoll MP.

Statement in response to a PCMC report on the CMC’s release and destruction of Fitzgerald Inquiry documents — 05.04.2013

The CMC notes the PCMC's report and recommendations arising from its inquiry into the CMC’s release and destruction of Fitzgerald Inquiry documents.

CMC statement in response to recommendations of a Review of the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001 — 03.04.2013

The CMC has noted recommendations contained in an executive summary of a report by an expert advisory panel established by the Attorney-General to review the Crime and Misconduct Act 2001.

Statement from CMC Chairperson Ross Martin SC – 08.03.2013

CMC Chairperson Ross Martin SC has today formally tendered his resignation as the final step of a process of ill-health retirement, as announced on 8 March 2013.

CMC criminal paedophilia investigations reveal relentless threat of online predators – 26.03.2013

In the wake of two successful criminal paedophilia prosecutions that reveal the relentless threat posed by internet-based predators, the CMC is urging parents to remain vigilant to the reality of paedophiles trawling social networking sites and online forums.

CMC assessment of a complaint against Scott Driscoll MP — 19.03.2013

The CMC can confirm, as on the public record, that it received a referral from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services on 27 November 2012 concerning alleged official misconduct against State Member for Redcliffe, Scott Driscoll MP.

Crime and Misconduct Commission statement — 19.03.2013

The CMC has concluded that, based on available information, a complaint of alleged official misconduct against Peter Costello, falls outside the CMC’s jurisdiction, resulting in a decision to take no further action.

Crime and Misconduct Commission statement – 06.03.2013

The CMC has, as a result of inquiries from The Australian become aware of an administrative oversight concerning public access to certain Fitzgerald Inquiry records.

CMC escalates readiness to assist police solve violent crimes involving the most vulnerable — 08.02.2013

The CMC and the QPS have been given the green light to fast-track investigations into violent crimes involving ‘vulnerable victims’ – children, the elderly and people with a physical/mental impairment.

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