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You are here: Home News and media CCC media releases CCC media statement — 24.02.2015
You are here: Home News and media CCC media releases CCC media statement — 24.02.2015
You are here: Home News and media CCC media releases CCC media statement — 24.02.2015

CCC media statement — 24.02.2015

The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has decided to issue this statement to clarify information about its ongoing investigation into a cocaine trafficking syndicate operating in South-East Queensland.

Suggestions the CCC leaked information to the media

The CCC has received a number of requests for detailed briefings on this investigation and the CCC has declined. The CCC cannot control reporting where details have come from sources other than the CCC.

The CCC routinely investigates highly sensitive and high profile matters across both its crime and public sector corruption divisions. It is the long-standing practice of the CCC not to release specific details or operational information during the course of its investigations.

The CCC has issued two media releases about this investigation. The CCC did not name individuals in these statements. The CCC issued the second media release after other parties had already named the individuals served with Notices to Appear in Court.

Scope of the CCC investigation

There have been a number of inaccurate media reports about this ongoing investigation. The CCC understands there is a high level of interest in this investigation from a number of organisations and the media. However, the CCC cautions against the use of information from sources other than the CCC.

The totality of these inaccuracies has led to reports that exaggerate the scope of the CCC’s current investigation.

Restrictions on providing information

The secrecy provisions of the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 and other legislation prevent the CCC from releasing confidential information. The CCC appreciates some sporting organisations and individuals have an interest in the outcome of this investigation and have their own processes to enact. However, it is not appropriate or legal for the CCC to provide briefings about its investigations to third parties, particularly when those investigations are ongoing and relate to matters before the courts.

The CCC does not brief employers or other interested third parties about allegations against the subjects of its crime investigations.

This is a criminal investigation. The appropriate place for details of the allegations to be presented and tested is the courts.

CCC’s jurisdiction

The CCC is a Queensland state agency. The CCC does not have the legislative basis to investigate offences that occur in other jurisdictions. Speculation that the CCC is investigating matters in other jurisdictions is therefore inaccurate.

Timeline and limited details of investigation

The CCC’s public statements have indicated this investigation is focused on a cocaine trafficking syndicate operating in South-East Queensland. At no stage has the CCC alleged any individuals charged in the last week have been trafficking cocaine or that there is a syndicate operating primarily in sporting organisations.

Consistent with previous media releases, the CCC will allege individuals served with a Notice to Appear in Court arranged for the supply of cocaine for personal use or to on-supply cocaine to friends and colleagues (see previous media releases).

The CCC will not allege any of the individuals charged in the last week used illegal substances in a performance enhancing capacity.

Based on current information, the CCC expects any further arrests of current or former sportspeople will occur by the end of this week or early next week. However, if new information comes to hand the CCC may consider further arrests.

The CCC’s investigation remains focused on the cocaine trafficking syndicate.


Last updated: 24 February 2015
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