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A message for candidates
from Alan MacSporran, Chairman of the CCC

Run an honest campaign: Be transparent and don't compromise your integrity.

  • Be fair to your fellow candidates — don't risk your own integrity by trying to damage someone else's.
  • Don't promise special favours in return for election donations or support.
  • Tell the community who is supporting you — declare all gifts and donations you receive.
  • Don't try to use the CCC's complaints process for political advantage.

Integrity + Transparency = Community trust

The community will judge you by the way you run your campaign.

Don't go public
with a complaint

If you have a genuine concern about possible corruption, talk to us directly and keep the matter confidential. Publicising allegations can adversely affect the CCC's ability to properly investigate the matter.

Spikes in complaints to the CCC

In the lead-up to previous local government elections, complaints to the CCC about councils, councillors and mayors have increased significantly.

Transparency and accountability in local government

All candidates and councillors should read this report. It examines issues related to the compliance and reporting framework for local government, especially the treatment of campaign funds or other gifts and benefits.